Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Evident Mineralization Sparks Anglo Swiss Stock

Former Kenville Gold Mine
As of this writing, ASW had traded over 750 thousand shares moving up from $0.28 to the $0.33 range with the market open just over an hour. What has stirred the market was this morning's news that the company encountered over 700 feet of "significant sulphide mineralization" of its first drill hole at the Kenville project just outside Nelson, British Columbia.

What one should keep in mind about Kenville is that at one time it was a producing gold mine.

Anglo has completed its first two drill holes at Kenville comprising a total of approximately 1900 feet of a phase one program of 4900 feet.

The wait now begins for lab analysis of the drilling cores. The results of the analysis may not arrive for a couple of months. However, once news begins flowing it should remain fairly consistent on the basis that this program is about 40% complete. Phase two in early 2008 will be finalized once results are known from the current drilling program.

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