Monday, 5 November 2007

Active Trading Day For Neptune

Neptune (NTB - TSX V / NEPT - NASDAQ)

Neptune had an interesting day in the market hitting a day low of just over $3.70 before quickly rising to the $4.30 range and closing at $4.12 range. A mid-day volume surge drove the stock north with today's trading of 323 thousand shares representing the highest volume day since September 7th.

The reasons behind the quick jump aren't clear as buying and selling ranged over a variety of firms with the largest buyer being TD Securities at just under 100 thousand shares.

Based on calls to The Howard Group, there's ongoing anticipation about when NTB is going to announce some form of an arrangement with a pharma company. The market appears to be expecting "something" before Christmas based on past public statements by management.

Of interest, The Montreal Gazette today featured an article and interview with President & CEO Henri Harland. It's well worth the read as a refresher for those who have been following Neptune and for those who are new to the story, it's a fine summary of the stars NTB is shooting for click here.

As another aside, Neptune and PMS were tied hand in hand in FIRST woman's magazine. The item was recently drawn to our attention based on a study from Alternative Medicine Review that NKO (krill oil) outperformed fish oil for relieving irritability and aches. The item is in the bottom right of the page click here.