Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Planet Organic Files Annual Report

Further to last Thursday's (October 25th) commentary and news release on Planet Organic's Fiscal 2007 results, the company has now filed its complete financials and annual report. All divisions in the Planet Organic family threw off healthy revenues in the fiscal year ending June 30th.
In the words of CFO Darren Krissie, "I'm excited to report that all divisions are growing as planned," adding that consolidated sales were up 47% over the previous year and EBITDA rose by 18%.
Sales for fiscal 07 were $55.3 million, compared to $37.7 million for 06.
EBITDA for fiscal 07 was $3.48 million, versus $2.9 million in 06.
Gross profit rose roughly $7 million over the previous year to settle at $21, 676, 256.
Net income was $1.4 million in fiscal 07, compared with $1.2 million in 06.
He also said that while one acquisition - U.S.-based Mrs. Green's Natural Markets - was added in that fiscal year, there will be more in fiscal 2008.
To view the full press release, please click here and for the annual report click here.
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