Monday, 24 September 2007

Dr. Melanie Mahtani Joins the Med Biogene Team

Med Biogene announced the appointment of Dr. Melanie Mahtani as Executive Advisor, Commercial Development. This is a significant move, as MBI prepares to commercialize its genomic-based diagnostic test for lymphoma, LymphExpress DxTM.

Dr. Mahtani joins MBI with over 15 years direct experience in the development and commercialization of genomic and genetic tests for human disease analysis and profiling.

MBI’s business plan calls for it to have a licensing deal signed for the commercialization of LymphExpress DxTM with a global diagnostics / pharmaceutical company by the end of Q4 2008. By signing Dr. Mahtani they jump one step closer to this goal.

With a market cap of just under $9 million, it won’t be long before investors realize it’s value and jump in before it takes off.

To read the release, please click here.