Thursday, 2 August 2007

Significant News For LMS From McKesson Relationship

First: there's this to note about McKesson as stated in its news release: the world’s largest healthcare services, automation and information technology company.
Next: today announced the successful implementation of its Horizon Perinatal Care™ solution at St. Luke’s Hospital-Allentown, Campus.

And: The solution is the first obstetrics (OB)/perinatal information system designed to support continuity of care between the labor and delivery (L&D) department and other hospital departments and units.
Note: McKesson has combined efforts with LMS Medical Systems (LMZ - TSX / AMEX) over the last two years to provide advanced perinatal care and risk reduction tools that promote improved quality, increased patient safety and positive outcomes in obstetrics. LMS is a leader in the medical use of advanced mathematical modeling and neural networks in support of patient safety in perinatal care.

NYSE listed McKesson issued a detailed three-page news release today (click here to read) on its hospital date/information management technology that has been several years in the making. LMS' predictive software technologies for obstetrics is a key component of this system.
What the market should bear in mind is that McKesson can count approximately 900 hospitals within its current client list as potential adopters of the technology for obstetrics departments.

We have always been of the belief that the McKesson partnership holds the potential to dramatically expedite LMS' growth. Today's news from this healthcare services and information technology behemoth is a milestone day for LMS and savy investors will note what this potentially could mean for LMS.

We also want to refer readers to an article that appeared in Business Week In August 2006 with McKesson's CEO, who emphasized that technology was the company's future. It's well worth your while to spend three minutes reading this article (click here) as it puts into perspective much of what led to today's announcement.