Tuesday, 21 August 2007

OneMove Pens Deal With International Firm

The huge international firm of MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd., (MDA) has aligned itself with the British subsidiary of OneMove Technologies (OM - TSX V) to act as a distributor in England and Wales of government mandated information packages MDA has created.

OM will provide access to the information to its growing base of estate agents in the jurisdictions.

The information packages called Home Information Packages (HIPS) include legal disclosures and home inspection documents that sellers of homes with four or more bedrooms must provide to all home buyers. By the end of the year the program will be applicable to much smaller dwellings as well.

The British government passed the order in hopes of speeding up real estate transactions and making the process more transparent.

MDA has over 3,000 employees world wide. It provides high-tech information solutions to major corporations and governments around the globe.

The beauty of the MDA - OneMove program is that it is entirely web based.

To view the full press release please click here.