Wednesday, 29 August 2007

AeroMechanical Flies Into World Record

In keeping with the age-old line that good things come in small packages, AeroMechanical Services staff were elated that the Indian Air Force (IAF) micro light aircraft, which carried its tracking and communications technology, landed safely and set a new around-the-world flight record.

The plane weighs under 500 kilograms - with its two pilots, luggage and fuel - and its pilots shaved roughly 19 days off the world micro light record by flying around the globe in 79 days.

Piloted by IAF Wing Commander Rahul Monga, 37, and co-pilot Anil Kumar, 38, the two braved foul weather in their cramped cockpit and temperatures ranging from tropical to sub Arctic.

The tiny plane has no heat or air conditioning.

No washrooms, either. But there were always empty bottles on board.

To view the full press release on the flight and AeroMechanical's role in it please click here.

To view the Indian Air Force journey in Google Earth click type into your web browser and follow the links.

Pilot Rahul Monga penned an open letter to AeroMechanical CEO Bill Tempany after his long journey. Here it is:

Dear Mr. Tempany:

At the outset, I must thank you and say that this expedition would not have been possible without the equipment provided by you.

The communication was fantastic and helped me shave days off the existing record through frequent route alterations and in-flight decisions.

The tracking system helped our ground control, as well our many friends following the flight.

It was also a very good flight safety aid, and would have proven invaluable in any survival situation if the need had arisen.

Thank you for the help.

Best regards

Wing Commander Rahul Monga