Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Fund Manager Talks About AeroMechanical Potential

Robert McWhirter, founder and president of Selective Asset Management Inc., said on a July 10th, BNN broadcast that over the next year Airbus could become a client of AMS's. Reacting to a caller who asked about AeroMechanical, the fund manager said that amongst a number of other initiatives, AMS has targeted Airbus for its AFIRs tracking, sensing and communications equipment.
In addition, McWhirter said that if current negotations clear the way for AeroMechanical to install its AFIRS units in China's vast commercial aircraft fleet, "(AeroMechanical) will be a very interesting recurring revenue model."
To here the full BNN segment, please click here. The segment on AeroMechanical comes at about the 11-minute mark.