Tuesday, 3 July 2007

AeroMechanical Aims For Break Even

Business is on course for AeroMechanical Services to hit break even on cash flow by the end of this year, CEO Bill Tempany said in a July 3rd Webcast that followed the closing of the second quarter.
Mr. Tempany added that he is also projecting a break even in recurring revenue by next year's second quarter.
The number of AFIRS units installed at the end of Q2 was 67, he told an audience of approximately 40 registered listeners.
But all ears turned to him when he talked about the monster - China - because it holds out the possibility of 470 installations should ongoing negotiations result in the last, relatively minor hurdles being cleared.
While the final contract is yet to be signed, he said that as of last night the powers that be in China were saying that installations would be starting in September.
However, Mr. Tempany volunteered that even if China didn't meet expectations there are some other major deals in the pipeline that he couldn't fully divulge yet, which would fill the gap.
To listen to the full Webcast, please click here.