Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Neptune's One, Two, Three ... Four Punch

As business weeks go, Neptune hasn't seen one this good.
First, it came into the week ranked No. 1 in the life science category of the 2007 TSX Venture 50 list.
Second, the little company that could announced its partnership with the second largest dairy product manufacturer in the world - Yoplait - to research the inclusion of Neptune's odourless and tasteless krill oil in Yoplait's products as a health food additive.
Third, Neptune's announcement of the contract with Yoplait peeked the interest of Globe and Mail journalist Charles Finlay who wrote a lengthy article in the June 20th edition of Report on Business.
To read Finlay's full story please click here.
And fourth, Neptune's vice-president of administration and finance Andre Godin and Tina Sampalis, vice-president of research and business development, will open trading at the Toronto Stock Exchange June 21st.
"I'm feeling pretty good about it," Godin said the afternoon before going through the honour of ringing the opening trading bell.
"I'm a little nervous but I'm sure they'll (TSX officials) tell us what to do," Godin said as he and Sampalis headed into Toronto's historic stock exchange building to get prepped on their morning duties.