Thursday, 21 June 2007

Catalyst Predicts Neptune Shares at $18 in 1 Year

Neptune shares that closed at $6.69 on June 21st could be a bargain, according to an updated Catalyst Equity Research report.
Catalyst set a one-year target of $18 for Neptune's share price and a two-year price prediction of $36.
The June 20th report followed Neptune's announcement of a strategic partnership with the world's second largest dairy product producer - Yoplait - to include Neptune's odourless and tasteless krill oil as a health-food additive to Yoplait's vast array of fresh food products.
"This strategic partnership with Yoplait is a major endorsement for Neptune's (NKO(TM)) and only the first of several strategic alliances expected to be secured with major international companies over the very near term," Catalyst analyst Robin Cornwell wrote.
"We expect several new products to be introduced by Yoplait each with the potential to achieve annual sales of US$200 million within the first five years after introduction and US$500 million by year ten," Cornwall added.
Furthermore, Cornwall wrote that he expects Neptune's management to announce two to three, "more significant partnership agreements in the functional food and biopharmaceutical markets before the end of 2007."
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