Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Resin Systems - The Howard Group Moves On!

It has been a long and to say the least, interesting seven years working with Resin Systems. There have been more than a few up and down periods. Without a doubt RS was right at the top of the "most intriguing" list of companies we have invested in and represented in our almost 20 years of working with micro and small cap companies.

RS has gone through a significant number of changes and in particular over the past year. It's new distribution, marketing and production relationships chart a new course for the company and its leader, Paul Giannelia. We felt it was time to move on as we could consider ourselves part of the "old guard". What-ever approach RS takes in the future with its public face, we felt that it was time for new eyes to look at this old but now very much changed story.

It would be very easy to go on and on about The Howard Group's experiences since 2000 with "the company of dreams" but it would serve little purpose except to remind the writer that he was much younger and had more hair when RS first knocked on our door.