Thursday, 24 May 2007

Hugh Cleland's Top Pick Still Neptune

Hugh Cleland was the guest on Market Call today and stated that Neptune is still one of his top picks. He said the market does not seem to understand the value of a product high in phospholipids, which act as a carrier for Omegas, DHA, etc. He also discussed the fact that Neptune's previous studies were conducted by Dr. Tina Sampalis' brother at McGill University. Mr. Cleland indicated that Dr. Sampalis' brother is well credited and that this is not a concern.

The market appeared to anticipate that Mr. Cleland's appearance on BNN would bring positive momentum to the stock. The stock rallied and reached a high as $8.29, but post interview sold back down into the $7.70 range.

To watch to the interview click here and scroll to 1:25 EST.