Friday, 18 May 2007

AeroMechanical's Big and Small Joys

Big and tiny weighed well on the mind of AeroMechanical Services (AMS) CEO Bill Tempany as he mapped out his company's future at the May 17th annual meeting.

Tiny comes in the form of an India Air Force micro-light plane that its pilots hope to set a record in for the shortest micro-light flight around the world.

With pilot, food and fuel the maximum weight for this tiny aircraft is 500 kilograms.

The scheduled 64-day flight (the previous microlight record was 99 days) is part of the IAF's 75th Anniversary celebrations.

The good news for AMS in this dangerous and eye-catching flight is the Indian air force installed AMS' AFIRS technology on board so the world can keep track of the flight on a minute-by-minute basis.

The press and others will also be able to talk to the pilots as they battle fatigue and the elements to keep the quirky but speedy little aircraft aloft.

The big news giving Tempany a noticeable spring in his feet at the AGM came in the form of another major step forward in the huge Chinese commercial aircraft market. Mr. Tempany said the latest contract will see AMS installing 45 AFIRS units in Chinese aircraft before the end of 2007.

Mr. Tempany went on to tell shareholders that their long wait for a self sufficient company will come in the third quarter and that the future looks so bright, he is now taking steps to frustrate any hostile takeover attempt that may be lurking out there.

First quarter results were released yesterday with revenue of $837,218. That included a portion of the license payment with the British aerospace firm, Meggitt PLC.

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