Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Share Sell Off At OneMove's Competitor

Some officers and directors of Rightmove, one of OneMove's British competitors, are selling off shares at the expiry date of a special share offering. Under headlines of, 'Bosses sell as lock-up expires,' a story detailed who was selling and at what price.
Rightmove charges realtors to list their properties for sale on Rightmove's website.
OneMove launched an aggressive marketing campaign when it entered the English and Wales real estate market last fall offering realtors free listings on its website.
OneMove also used a high-tech tool called a spider to capture properties from other websites and post them on OneMove's site.

In this way, OneMove created a Canadian version of the MLS, a service in Canada that posts all properties for sale regardless of the real estate agent or agency listing it.
To view the press story about share sales at Rightmove, click here.