Thursday, 22 March 2007

Neptune's Dr. Tina Sampalis Presents to the New York Investment Community

Dr. Tina Sampalis and CFO Andre Godin presented at the Arch Investment Conferences Small Cap Investment Conference on Wednesday in New York . Below are some excerpts from the presentation, which you can listen to in its entirety here.

Dr. Tina Sampalis:
On Neptune's study combining NKO & a low statin dose:

"I am very proud of this study because this is the study that has put us in the radar of the pharmaceutical industry. As you will see, what was proven in this study, is that we have what the pharmaceutical industry wants, and what is very hot in the cardiovascular management arena today."

"What is exciting is... when you see that NKO alone is increasing HDL by 44%, in combination with a statin, it's increasing it by 51%, and the statin alone can only achieve 13%. Why is that important? Well, it is important because we know today... that it's more important to increase HDL than it is to decrease LDL if we want to prevent cardiovascular disease and heart attacks."

Dr. Sampalis continues: "So everybody in the industry today is looking for a natural product, a drug, anything that can actually increase HDL."

She then went on to talk about competing products and many of the issues facing them such as safety and effectiveness i.e.) Pfizer, etc. and stated "This has put us in a monopoly, making NKO the only product that can actually increase HDL safely, efficiently, by 44% alone, 51% with a very low, safe statin dose."

In summary:
"The advantages of the products: this is a product a with superior safety, we will not run into problems. Successful clinical results. We have a therapeutic dose that is only one a day, which is quite convenient, even for the pharmaceuticals that are looking at it as a drug."

"And we are moving forward - we have an interesting pipeline, we are concentrating the bioactives, we are looking at new biomasses, now that we are growing up, we learn from our mistakes, we know how to do it, we re-do it better and faster this way, in the meantime the deal with the pharmaceutical industry and with the food industry will be up and running."

CFO Andre Godin took the reins from there, some key excerpts included:

"We will be entering the functional food market in 2007 and 2008 and adding the functional food market to the dietary supplement market makes it a $127 billion market altogether."

We encourage you to listen to the full webcast for further details.