Friday, 2 March 2007

Monthly Market Commentary - OneMove

It was a typical start-up company stock chart for the last month where share prices started out at $0.45, dropped to below $0.40 and finally rose during a flurry of news to close out at $0.40.

The biggest news was that Sprott Securities Inc. was engaged to raise up to $8 million. If Sprott succeeds, OneMove management stated much of that funding will be used to expand its operations in its home market of British Columbia and abroad in England and Wales.

Another press release stating that OneMove's UK subsidiary inked an agreement with a London-based company that provides real estate software management packages could, though, prove to be the most significant.

The contract with WebSky Ltd. to marry its software with OneMove's home buyer-centred software will give OneMove access to up to 300,000 home buyers. Management eagerly looks forward to the moment in the next few weeks when the software packages are linked and OneMove starts capturing some of that business.