Friday, 2 March 2007

Monthly Market Commentary: JER Envirotech

The market has been incredibly supportive of JER in the past few weeks, given the fact that the stock was halted for nearly an entire month. We all know that if this business model can take off, it will be huge. It is encouraging to see the market's willingness to give JER's new CEO Edward Trueman a chance to deliver.
Upon resuming trading on Feb. 5th, the stock fell $0.22 on low volume to close at $0.70. The following day, it rebounded to close at $0.85 and has slowly trickled down from there to close for the month at $0.60. Volume has been slightly lower than average with 498,313 shares trading hands in February.

Insiders have been taking advantage of the low prices, bringing in some buying. Director Peeyush Varshney has acquired 15,000 shares in the public market over the past week. For more information about insider transactions, visit Canadian Insider.