Thursday, 8 March 2007

Dr. Mercola: Many Ignored Risks of C-Sections

Echoing the sentiments of Dr. Emily Hamilton of LMS Medical Systems, Dr. Joseph Mercola of is the latest to provide comment on the dangers of C-sections. In his newsletter today, which is disseminated to over 700,000 subscribers, including 25,000 physicians and other health practitioner, was a feature titled "The Many Ignored Risks of C-sections."

An excerpt:

"Two new studies indicate that cesarean sections may be riskier than many people believe.
One study showed that, among Canadian women who chose from the start to deliver their babies via cesarean, the number of severe complications they experienced was triple that of moms who delivered their children vaginally.
The common problems were infections, blood clots and major bleeding.
A second study, which compared the health outcomes among some 36,000 mothers, found that women who chose a C-section birth could suffer unintended consequences including prolonged labor and ruptured uterus. Also, infants in the cesarean group were more prone to be premature or stillborn and small."

Dr. Mercola's web site is currently the world’s most visited natural health web site and the 5th most visited health web site overall. This feature provides fantastic exposure for this issue which LMS' software directly addresses.

As a side note, Dr. Mercola has also written extensively about NKO™ and Neptune.