Monday, 19 March 2007

Dr. Mercola Comments on Diagnostics for Colorectal Cancer

Dr. Joseph Mercola must be watching the Howard Group's portfolio! We jest, of course.

In this week's edition of Dr. Mercola's newsletter, he featured an article about Colorectal Cancer diagnosis, an issue Med BioGene is addressing. Dr. Mercola has now, through his newsletter, commented on medical issues affecting three HG clients (Neptune Technologies & Bioressources and LMS Medical Systems were the first two). Currently Dr. Mercola personally recommends (and sells) Neptune Krill Oil through

In this week's article, Dr. Mercola comments on the fact that the diagnosis can be subjective, and the reliability can depend on the screening procedure and who is performing the exam.

According to the article:
"Cancers are more likely to be missed when the colonoscopy is performed in an office setting, and also more likely to go unnoticed when the procedure is conducted by an internist or family physician rather than a specialist.
An office procedure, as opposed to one conducted in a hospital setting, tripled the risk of missed colorectal cancers in men and doubled the risk in women. Family physicians and internists were 77 percent more likely than gastroenterologists to miss the cancer in men and 85 percent more likely to miss it in women."

Med BioGene is developing diagnostic tools which will efficiently diagnose diseases such as colorectal cancer with a simple blood test, leaving no room for human error.

Dr. Mercola's web site is currently the world’s most visited natural health web site and the 5th most visited health web site overall. This feature provides fantastic exposure for this issue which Med BioGene directly addresses. Click here for this week's article on Colorectal Cancer.