Thursday, 29 March 2007

A Business Incentive For OneMove Hits Television

One of the reasons OneMove Technologies took it's web-based real estate transaction invention to merry Ol' England is a curious - and nasty - habit the British have of skewering house buyers at the 11th hour.
It's a phenomena called "gazumping" where the seller in the English and Wales markets can take a higher offer from another buyer, even though the seller agreed to a deal with the first buyer.
In Canada, sellers couldn't do that; they would be sued if they broke a commited deal.
Gazumping is such a hot topic in southern England's hot real estate market - where there are an estimated eight buyers for every home offered - it is now part of a twisted plot that will be aired Friday, March 30th on the hugely popular British television series, Coronation St.
If Canadian viewers want to better understand this curious British habit watch as Liam gazumps another series character called Leanne.
Click here to read the television promo.