Friday, 9 February 2007

Promising Monthly Growth Rates Across The Pond

True to predictions, the past month has shown the U.K. market holds out a lot of promise for OneMove. Since the end of September when it opened its doors for business in England and Wales, the average month-over-month growth rate has chimed in at 43%.

OneMove Tech cut its teeth in British Columbia. In its home province, monthly growth has been on average 11.5% over the last two years.
Meanwhile, OneMove’s subsidiary continues to capture attention across the pond, mostly for one of its many services in that convoluted market – a pioneering insurance plan for homebuyers that protects buyers against losing fees they paid out on failed real estate deals.

In England and Wales, government statistics show up to 28% of home purchases fail for a variety of reasons.

A columnist with the Daily Telegraph, a paper with a daily circulation nearing one million readers, wrote about the novel insurance package offered by OneMove’s U.K. subsidiary after divulging his own guilt in creating a failed deal.
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