Friday, 16 February 2007

Opportunities Abound for JER: Delivers order, Opens Sales & Marketing Office

JER Delivers Order of Panel Boards to Virginia Manufacturer
A major U.S. manufacturer recently received an order of 7mm JERtech(TM) panel boards straight from JER's new Malaysian plant to be used for a recreational tri-laminate application.

This is the first known glued tri-laminate application using polypropylene-based wood-thermoplastic composite as the core substrate - normally plywood is used.

JER's product is more desirable for this application because of its unique properties, specifically its moisture barrier and cost performance. JER is also an ideal supplier for this type of project because of the flexibility it is able to provide in terms of availability of a variety of sizes and thicknesses of the product, which is not available from competitors.

Testing, Testing, 1-2-3...

Trials Underway for JER to Manufacturing Interior Moldings & Trim
JER is working with a Washington State company to evaluate the possibility of using JERTech(tm) compound for interior moldings for door, window and trim applications.

Food Grade? South Korean Manufacturer Wants to Know
A South Korean manufacturer of plates and trays for food-grade applications is currently testing JER composites as an alternative to pure polypropylene plastic for reduced costs.

Stay tuned...

JER Opens Sales & Marketing Office in New York State
In order to efficiently target and serve the largest concentration of manufacturers in North America, JER has set up a regional sales & marketing office in Western New York State. Targets include flooring, construction, furniture and automotive companies. This office will cover Ontario, Quebec and the eastern seaboard of the U.S.

Social Housing Project in S.E. Asia Chooses JER's WPC Panel BoardsJER is engaged to supply from its Malaysia plant four containers of 5mm JERTech(tm) panel boards for a social housing project in S.E. Asia. JERTech(tm) boards are ideal for such projects because of the product's long life cycle, the fact that it can be recycled, and that it is resistant to pests, water, rot and fire.

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