Thursday, 8 February 2007

A Key Chinese Official Visits Calgary and AMA

Mayor David Bronconnier Meets Mr. Zhou Kai Xuan
In early January, Zhou Kai Xuan, China’s Deputy Director General of the Civil Aviation Administration, visited Calgary as part of the final stage in approving the installation of AeroMechanical’s equipment in China’s enormous commercial airline industry.

“I have worked with AeroMechanical for nearly two years now in approving its products for use in the China market, Mr. Zhou said. China is looking forward to a rapid deployment of these technologies throughout our growing fleet of commercial aircraft where communication and safety are our major priorities,” he concluded.
China’s commercial airline industry is projected to grow from 800 aircraft today to roughly 2,000 in just eight years.

“We signed a contract 18 months ago with our partner in China, the Aircraft Data Communications Corporation, to equip the Chinese commercial fleet with AeroMechanical products,” AeroMechanical president Darryl Jacobs said. “Mr. Zhou’s visit is one more step in making that goal a reality.”

AeroMechanical is currently installing what it calls its ‘AFIRS Global Voice’ on China Eastern Airlines fleet of 65 Boeing 737 aircraft.
While in Calgary, Mr. Zhou also met with Calgary Mayor David Bronconnier about business opportunities in Calgary for work on Chinese aircraft and with federal government officials to sign bilateral agreements, which will allow deployment of Aero Mechanical Services Ltd. products in China.