Thursday, 22 February 2007

Prominent business/community leaders join Resin Systems' Board

Lawyer Brian Felesky

Businessman James Gray

Heads in Calgary's biggest office towers turned Thursday with the announcement that two well-known business leaders joined the board of Resin Systems Inc. (RS.)
James Gray, co-founder of Canadian Hunter Exploration Ltd., one of this country's largest natural gas producers, joined the RS board along Brian Felesky, a well-known lawyer and community booster. Gray is an officer of the Order of Canada while Felesky is an Order of Canada member. Significantly, the additions of these two nationally-prominent leaders follows on RS's decision to farm out it manufacturing production from its Alberta plant to underutilized manufacturers in either Ontario or Michigan.
For more information on the backgrounds of Gray and Felesky and other prominent business leaders who joined the RS board at the same time please click here to read the press release.