Thursday, 25 January 2007

Hugh Cleland Comments on Neptune on ROBTV

Northern Rivers fund manager Hugh Cleland on January 24th once again appeared on ROBTV on Market Call with Jim O’Connell. Neptune received special mention as he stated this is going to be a year where there will be catalysts in all three areas of Neptune’s business – food ingredients, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Hugh also stated that he’d completed a “sum of the parts” valuation on Neptune six months ago and came up with a share price of anywhere between $20 and $40.
“More and more people I know, family and friends, etc. are taking it, some just for general health and some for a cholesterol problem. The stories I’m getting with the results they’re getting from their doctors are extraordinary. Someone very close to me saw their HDL, in combination of a 20 mg dose of a statin, went up 53% or 57% so, that is a huge market, if they can move in there.”