Thursday, 21 December 2006

The Howard Group's new client: OneMove Technolgies

OneMove Tecnologies
OneMove Technologies Inc. (OM – TSX Venture)

The newest company to The Howard Group’s client portfolio is British Columbia based OneMove Technologies. It has brought its number crunching abilities and software talents to bear on one of the oldest businesses in the world – real estate – and come up with what has the potential to be an at-home and international winner.

OneMove cut its corporate teeth by perfecting what was a near perfect system of buying and selling real estate in B.C. and in the process discovered there was a much, much bigger market for its unique services across the pond in England and Wales.
It’s an understatement to say that OneMove founder, CEO and President, Martin R. Johnson, can barely contain himself when describing all the high margin revenue streams his system can attract abroad.

The market in England and Wales is hidebound and antiquated causing sales to be unnecessarily cumbersome and frustrating for most, and frequently expensive for innocent buyers.
What makes OneMove’s process so appealing is its transparency for all concerned, the easy-to-work data system in which buyers, sellers, lawyers and mortgage brokers can communicate and the incredibly high level of service it carries. In management’s view, it is a vastly superior system to its competitors and has a growing list of real estate players in Mother England slapping their foreheads and wondering why they hadn’t thought of OneMove’s process first.
By mid-December, The Howard Group will release a detailed commentary on “Why We Invested” in the company.

The Howard Group and The Insight Limited Partnership are investors in OneMove.